Feed agregated by planet.ocamlcore.org are of two types: People and Institutional.

People feeds are for individual working in the field of OCaml. Talking about OCaml in every entry is not mandatory. On the contrary, this is an occasion to extend the field. However, entries must respect the terms of use and the philosophy of ocamlcore.org. Posts should avoid too commercial oriented content. If you own a personnal blog that contains at the same time a lot of posts about other topics, we will be thankful that you provide us with a filtered content (e.g. using a tag).

Institutional are feeds that only handle OCaml informations. The best way to define what they are is by giving some examples:

HOWTO use planet from your RSS reader

On the planet homepage you will find four kind of feed:

Copy/paste one of this link into your favorite feed reader an enjoy planet news.

HOWTO subscribe you feed

Due to spammer, OCamlCore.org team has disabled automatic planet subscription. You can still ask to be added to the planet by submitting a bug with the title "Add URL to planet", using the host "planet.ocamlcore.org".

You need to provide three informations in the bug report:

Once you have provided every information, your subscription will be reviewed by an administrator and put online. If you want to have a good chance to join the feed there must be at least one post about OCaml in the most recent entries.

Follow this link to submit a bug report (a valid login to forge.ocamlcore.org is required): link


Unfortunately, we don't know how to use feeds using feedburner proxy. It redirects our request and remove the specific search for OCaml contents. For examples, we cannot ask only posts that has the "ocaml" tags using feedburner.

This make your day to day blog content mixed with pure OCaml content.