ocamlcore.org Philosophy

1. ocamlcore.org only provides service for OCaml community

The aim of ocamlcore.org is to help the community of the OCaml programming language to make the language widespread. Resources of ocamlcore.org is dedicated to this community only.

Everything hosted by ocamlcore.org must be related with the OCaml programming language.

2. ocamlcore.org will remain free.

Project and contents hosted by ocamlcore.org and all its services must have license be DFSG-approved. See Debian Free Software Guidelines to have a full explanation of what DFSG-approved means.

Start from the list of DFSG licenses for an overview of possible licenses.

Free spirit also means that ocamlcore.org belongs to its user. It is not bound to a commercial firm that provides resources for it. Resource providers for ocamlcore.org cannot claim any rights over its content.

3. ocamlcore.org serves active projects

The resources of ocamlcore.org should ease active people to work on Open Source project. This implies that resources will be allocated to active projects. If a project becomes inactive, the amount of resources allocated to it will be decreased.

In this case resources include time spent by administrator, disk space, bandwidth, and CPU resources usage.

4. ocamlcore.org stores inactive projects

Even if ocamlcore.org serves mainly active projects, we don't want to erase the past. Whenever possible, inactive project should be put in a state that make possible to other people to adopt it. Following this way, inactive projects become orphan projects. Providing some resources to store orphaned project is one of the mission of ocamlcore.org.

Considering the possibility of adoption, hosted project should take into account this possibility and choose a license that will allow other people to continue their work.

Inactive projects are defined by system administrators. Deciding that a project is inactive can be sometimes arbitrary.

If ocamlcore.org encounters resources shortage, some inactive projects should be taken offline.

5. ocamlcore.org users should be "no evil"

In particular: